In What Culture Do Men Rank Good Health More Important In Marriage Than Love?

In China, men rank good health more important in marriage than love. It is universally accepted that a successful marriage requires both a happy, healthy husband and wife. According to a recent survey, good health is represented as one of the top dating requirements for men and women in every country.

But when it comes to getting married, these two most important aspects of a relationship are prioritized more by men than women. In every country surveyed, men were more concerned with having a healthy wife than a loving wife.

Men ranked good health as the most important factor in a happy marriage. In second place was good sex, followed by having children and companionship.

Women valued good health in their husbands because they wanted him to live longer, followed by not having extra weight on their shoulders and not wanting him to use health as a reason for infidelity.

But women were more concerned with their partner’s personality than their physical appearance—putting more importance on being treated well than on having good sex.

A nation of gentlemen? In the US, income was a major player in finding a partner. When it came to men and women looking for love, those earning more than $150,000 per year were more likely to find a marriage partner than their lower-income peers.

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