A Health Care Professional Is Caring For A Patient Who Is About To Begin Iron Dextran

Iron dextran is an intravenous injection containing iron, salt, and another blood product called dextran. It helps patients with anemic conditions like pernicious anemia boost their red blood cell count.

For the patient to tolerate this drug well, they need to be in good health before receiving the medication.

Occasionally, suppose a patient has an underlying condition that might cause complications with their treatment plan, such as diabetes or kidney problems.

In that case, we may recommend that they prepare for taking Iron Dextran by meeting with us ahead of time so we can see how this might affect them. It ensures that the patient is taken care of and ready to take the medication when they need it.

It is especially important as the patient is given their first dose of the medication. To prepare them for this, they will be asked to meet with the doctor and have an assessment done by a care team member.

It includes reviewing any medical history or medications and ensuring there are no contraindications to taking Iron Dextran.

Following this meeting, they will ensure that all of their other medications are up to date and are properly prescribed. They will also discuss with the patient any other issues that might affect them before they receive their first dose of IV Iron Dextran.

It includes whether they have allergies or reactions to medications or if other treatments such as dialysis might be part of their treatment plan.

Side Effects Of Iron Dextran?

The most common side effects of Iron Dextran include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea or constipation

There are rare side effects that occur due to taking Iron Dextran. These are usually related to the condition from which Iron Dextran is being used. These side effects can include:

  • Pneumonia, bronchitis, or lung disease
  • Exacerbation of heart failure

How Is Iron Dextran Given?

Iron Dextran is given by intravenous injection. The patient will be hooked up to a machine that allows them to receive their medication through the veins in their body. It helps to ensure that they receive the medication and do not get any complications from an allergic reaction before it is administered.

Are There Any Precautions For Taking Iron Dextran?

Before taking any medication, there are some important things to consider, including Iron Dextran. As with most medications, they include:

  • The patient should tell their doctor if they have liver disease or kidney disease history. If the patient has had any of these problems in the past, it may be more likely that they will develop a reaction to Iron Dextran. In this case, they will test them and monitor them closely while taking this medication.
  • The patient should also tell their doctor if they have ever had a liver biopsy. There is an increased risk of liver injury if the patient has taken Iron Dextran in the past, and this should be monitored more closely than usual in their treatment plan.
  • If the patient is experiencing swelling or fluid retention, they need to stop taking iron dextran or speak with our pharmacist as soon as possible.

So whether a patient is receiving IV Iron Dextran for the first time or if they have been taking it for some time, we encourage you to talk with a professional doctor team about any questions or concerns you might have.

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